When changing pitch, not the selected note is changed

When a selected note is supposed to change pitch due to keyboard press (up down,.), the note left by the selected on changes.

I observed this behavior with different versions, but it always occurred after working with hookpad for some time. Not easy to reproduce though. But if this happens, it happens on every note I select.

Restarting hookpad resolves the issue.

Anyone experiences the same?

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i’m not seeing in my W11 Home MS Edge – but then again – i turned off ALL copilot, chatAI, speelcheck^d^d^d^d^d^d^d spellcheck, grammar check, etc.

two things happened. one: my speed of writing on web and in my desktop applications went back to normal without delays or weird keystroke occurring, and two, sometime i mispeel^d^d^d^d^d^d^d misspell things and have to proofread more thoroughly before i post :wink:

Sorry, I really don’t get it.

if one of the new features MS and Google have been implementing over past few weeks or so is causing delays etc then it might be cause the adjacent note shift you described. i tried it on a many note project over about 15 minutes and never saw the issue you described. but i do know in my desktop and other web sites, that i was getting really bizarre behavior before turning all that stuff off.

Thank you for your feedback! I have not seen your described behaviour yet, but I’ll keep my eyes open. So if I ever see it perhaps I’ll find a way to debug that.


@DSchwachhofer Also, could you please fix the glitch with the added measures. this was fixed years ago so i don’t know why it’s back.

Thank you. Guess it’s a tricky one, but not critical, fortunately :wink: I have seen that bug just a couple of times, after a lot of editing (and also shifting sections as far as I remember).

Happened again just now. but this time only 1 minute after opening the file :frowning: Am I really the only one having experiencing this bug? I captured a video of my screen, if you are interested, i can mail it.

Yes, I’m very interested.
Please mail it to dennis@hooktheory.com