What's up with Alkaline Trio?

I have a feeling someone posted about this before, but I can’t find it…

Why is “Help Me” by Alkaline Trio at the top of the Top 50 list? It’s been there for years. I don’t bother looking at that chart anymore because it doesn’t ever seem to change in an interesting way, and it would be particularly nice if some other songs could be number one…

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Do new users tend to search for ”help” and end up on that tab?

Just a guess.

That’s hilarious. You’re probably right. I’ll see how easy it to remove it from the popular list.


I wondered why it was ever there!! But yes OP is correct!

Thanks for this! If you also could fix the “PIANO VOCING” typo in the page footer I would be an even happier camper!

Piano voicing has been fixed in the footer. Thank you for reporting.

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