What songs have you written?

Hi everyone! What songs have you written with hookpad? Do you have any up on soundcloud or personal sites? Would love to check them out!

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I have at least 4 tracks on this site and I also have an upcoming album which uses Hookpad to prototype the progression whenever possible.

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I made this from this. I’ll also be fleshing out this idea soon I think.

I’ll probably be using hookpad for any musical project to create additional sections or analyse it in music theory terms.

Hookpad is my absolute favorite way to generate musical ideas. I love that it’s easy to setup chord progressions and keep things in key, but also has hidden depth to go outside slightly. Showing the chord tones for melody is brilliant as well.

Hi Marty! I saw that on soundcloud - I’m digging it. Listening to it right now. I couldn’t see the link to your new idea (not public yet?) but looking forward to checking it out when it’s up.

I’m new to songwriting so was really curious to see what other people have made using the site!

Any public links to the music yet? Would love to listen. Congrats on the album - that’s impressive!

Recently I tried writing some music and I came up with this thing, as yet untitled. So far I’ve only entered the chord progression into Hookpad, not the melody, but here you go.

In three sections:

Just this.

It was more of a test of what would happen if my brain filled the rest starting from one chord and one note.

Here is the intro of a track that I prototyped about 5 months ago when polyphony was accessible in Hookpad, which would then be inserted into a NES ROM hack.

Here is one more, made even earlier.

Here is another track that, strictly speaking, was not created in Hookpad (hence the rest chords representing chords unsupported in Hookpad), but the melody and some chords were refined within Hookpad.

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You’re an amazing composer, HertzDevil.

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Wow! Can you say what genre at least?

I have two brief snippets of songs I’ve written using various DAWs.

Most of my songs I’ve written I didn’t understand music theory at all, but this software is definitely helping me understand on (at least a theoretical basis) what I’ve conjured.

Here is one that I’m speaking about. It is an electronic instrumental arpeggio. Hooktheory has helped me realize specifically the chords Bmaj6 and Dadd9 (and to a lesser extent F#maj add9) chords which were used. I knew they were major chords, just by the tonal properties, but this software outlined them much more clearly when hearing the midi feedback of those chords.

I just made The Wish for the Augmented Fifth

I wrote this over three years ago before self-learning any kind of music theory.

By the way, the link above sends to a 403 error. Use the URL button to display a public link, then use that.

Just like the old composers that didn’t think of roman numerals and other stuff, you have a great sense for melody and harmony. Shows that you don’t need to know music theory to make great music.

Wrote a simple melody, started adding voices, came up with this.


I wrote the melody for Nervous Breakdown almost exclusively in Hookpad.

I started only very recently to try composing a few melodies. I was curious to see if I could do it at all. I knew little about making music and I don’t play a musical instrument. The Hookpad software is a real boon, and it’s fun.

Here’s my 3rd piece with the Hookpad piano:


Here’s the result of experimenting with importing the tune into GarageBand, and assigning different instruments.


i also upped this one, which to my surprise used a ton of applied chords (id otherwise have never known). cool!


I use Hookpad to write most of the originals I create nowadays. I’ve uploaded tabs of my own and songs of my fellow composers for a fan project I’m working on.

Some examples of my work:

https://soundcloud.com/djdesdel/desdel-oxygen I made this. None of it directly involved this site, but you guys certainly helped me learn my way around. Especially when it comes to understanding the way melodies tend to exist as arcs or lines, this site is pretty godsend.