What can we do about the theoryTabs where the Youtube doesn't work?

Is there anyway we can repair the video links once they are corrupted? it would be wonderful if we could fix all the links. Particularly on songs that I teach with. There is nothing better than letting students hear the original, and it is a bit of a let down when we load the song and the youtube doesn’t work.

I just tried to update Flake by Jack Johnson.
It says "Loading the YouTube has failed.

You may have been disconnected from the internet. "
Then I try to copy in a legitimate version of the youtube and it still wont work.

I thought you might be able to open it in hookpad as a copy and then change it but it only opens in version 2 which doesnt support Youtube yet.

Any response on this one?

Hi Dr Cav,
yeah any user can edit a tab that has had the YouTube video stop working and replace it with another one that does. It’s no different than fixing an error in the chords. The wiki format is precisely so that these issues can get fixed. We recommend the official embeddable ones through youtubes vevo brand since those are put up by the artists themselves.


Also, currently you do need to make the edit in original hookpad through the edit tab interface. We are working on making hookpad 2 work with youtubes.


Thanks for the reply Dave,

I have tried this for a number of years now and had no success. I’m not sure what the problem is.

For example:
Doesn’t play the youtube for me. Is this just because I’m in Australia or something?

Then I go to the edit page and try to attach Youtube.
Some glitch occurs where 3 windows come up over each other. one of them says
“Loading the YouTube has failed. You may have been disconnected from the internet.”
I then try to copy in the new Youtube address.
in this case
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3S6_NtxARY Which opens on my computer.
But then neither the Load or cancel button work.

Has anyone else had trouble changing the Video address?

Secondly Dave, There are lots of TABs that have videos attached to them which dont work. Is this just a region thing for Australia or do you have videos that don’t play in the States as well?
They have a grey box with circles in them instead of the picture for the video.

Examples from most popular songs are.
The youtube window says “This video is unavaliable”

The problem is replacing videos in Hookpad 1 has stopped working for a very long time; once it fails to load a YouTube video it remains unable to load subsequent videos.

Didnt realize this was the case. We should have editing theorytabs in Hookpad 2 working soon.


Awesome Dave. Can’t wait.