What are the length of notes in HOOKPAD chords?

May I just ask a dumb question? I like the beat of the chords in Hookpad. There seems to be some quarter or shorter notes going on there with the bass perhaps. But when I export as midi they just seem to be half notes in Logic X. I haven’t been able to replicate the way they chords sound (beat wise) on Hookpad.
My ear is not good enough yet to figure what’s going on. Any ideas?

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(PLEASE) This needs to be replied to… The rhythm of the chords is difficult to replicate, and does not export how it is composed in hookpad.

It would at the very least be nice to be told the “style” (or whatever piano/ music theory jargon) for this piano chord rhythm so we can replicate it when exporting the midi file…

Hi all,

@lacustrine, sorry your original post was missed.

The default rhythm algorithm for Hookpad bass is what we call “Piano Bass Dotted,” and consists of a dotted quarter note plus an eight note (1.5 beat note + 0.5 beat note).

Since the latest Hookpad update, MIDI export now exports the notes exactly how you hear them in Hookpad. Before, export would default to 1 hit per chord. This export option is still available by changing the Harmony voicing to “Piano” and the Bass voicing to “Piano” in the mix tool.

Thank you very much!