We Don't Talk About Bruno's composer is wrong

So I just watched Encanto, not spoiling anything but it’s very cool

So I went into the theorytab of the song ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ to see a bit of its theory. Aside from only Dolores’ part and the chorus being featured, it seems to be composed by… Encanto?

The song’s actual composer is… (drumroll please…)

Lin-Manuel Miranda!!
We Dont Talk About Bruno wasnt composed by Encanto lol

Could you guys change the composer of said song?

You have to press open in Hookpad and save the entire section to your documents, then hit publish and this time write the correct composer.

Then you have to email them at support@hooktheory.com to delete all of the sections with the wrong composer. I’d also make it easier for them by copying the links of the incorrect tabs and putting them in the email.

  • jackscores01