Way to export Scores in vertical orientation?


I am writing music that I am giving to singers and their accompanists. A request I received is whether I can provide scores in portrait rather than landscape orientation, to fit into binders better? Is there a way to override that?



Hey @emeraldnext,

You can always customize the Lilypond typesetting by downloading the .ly file and compiling it yourself in Lilypond. The relevent section is to remove the “landscape” from the definition below:


That being said, I can understand that it might be much more convenient to do this directly in Hookpad! Originally we exported scores in portrait but they were a little cumbersome to read since you could sometimes only fit 7 or 8 measures per page.

An easy fix is we can make a setting for it in the settings menu to set portrait/landscape explicitly.

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Thank you! That does make sense, this is more to make someone else happy. :sweat_smile:

I always thought .ly in settings was a web extension of some sorts, not the raw Lilypond file. Good to know. Appreciated!

We’re building in a setting that allows you to either rotate or not rotate sheet music export for all types of exports:

I figure we might as well allow you to customize all of them, in case you want a landscape orientation for lead sheets for instance. We’ll push this shortly

EDIT: This is now live in 2.19.10

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