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Volume only working occaisionally

Just joined Hookpad yesterday. I also bought the books and the first thing I found in Book 1 is that I’m not getting any sound through my head phone and I am only occasionally getting sound through my monitor speakers.
I’m open and appreciative for any suggestions.

Just to further explain…audio files do play ok…I guess most of the files are MIDI and I’m not able to hear them…using Safari as my browser on an iMac.

Also using Logic Pro X…can hear audio and MIDI there.


Hey @claydo54

sorry for the delayed response. Two things I would try

  1. does it work better in Chrome? Want to see if this is a safari specific bug or something more generally wrong with your computer setup
  2. can you hear sound in hookpad? hookpad.hooktheory.com that uses the same sound engine so it would be weird if that worked and the books did not.