Ignore master mixer volume when exporting MIDI (don't scale velocity)

Much of the time I’m using HookPad I have other audio (podcasts etc.) playing in a different window. I want the master fader in the mixer to control the global output level, not the MIDI note velocity.

If I use the master volume so my ears aren’t blasted with terrible sounding general MIDI sounds my exported MIDI files end up with very low velocity. :wink:

That seems reasonable. Let me chat with our audio guy to make sure we’re not relying on that mechanism for something else, but it seems to make the most sense to have the track velocities scale the exported MIDI velocities but the master volume to do nothing.

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@InvisibleLandscape I went in to look at implementing this but it looks like it already was there. In other words, the master fader should have no effect on exported MIDI velocities at present. Digging into it more, many Hookpad instruments use different samples based on the Hookpad track velocity, so some note velocities in exported MIDI files will not always correspond neatly to corresponding volumes of samples in Hookpad. Some users have suggested an option to peg all MIDI velocities to a fixed value since many of these need to be edited anyway, which we could certainly add as an option.