View Issues - Video gone, piano & guitar gone, no play button

As recently as two weeks ago I could visit “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction, see the video, the piano or guitar tab, and change the key. Now I see the title and the chord progression ribbon but no video and the play button is gone. In short, I can’t DO anything with this or any other song now. What changed or am I doing something wrong. Using Safari on a Mac or Chrome or Explorer on a PC and the same issues are occurring.

I verified that that song is still working as normal. I wonder if flash got disabled on your system? When the system doesn’t have flash, we fall back on a static graphic.

dave Thank you. Just picked that one song as an example, but I really could not see ANY songs. Your answer WAS the issue with Safari on my Mac. On the PC I got a “this browser does not support…” when I tried using Explorer, but was able to play songs just fine using Chrome. Thanks so much for your help! David