Videos Wont Play on IOS 13

So, this seems to be a common problem looking through the forums, but I’m posting here to see if there has been an update yet. I just bought Hook Theory I and II and I am using it on my iPhone 6s+ on IOS 13. My videos wont play when I press the play button, it’s not blank or anything, it’s just that the button appears to do nothing. It is like that in all lessons in Hook Theory I and II. Really disappointed since the videos seem like they would really help out my learning experience. Any help would be appreciated.

Having the same issue, have you found any kind of resolution?

Sorry for missing this post. I’m very sorry you are having trouble here. We have gotten reports of this a few times. It does seem to be a device specific problem due to lack of resources as restarting the phone can make it work again (though not always). We don’t have a general solution that will make it go away completely, however, one we can do is set you up with the web version for free (just email us and we can work it out).