Videos Stops Working on updating to ios 12.2

Hi there. I am using hooktheory II for ios. I updated my phone to ios12.2 and all videos in the app won’t open any more (including ones that worked perfectly well before the update). Could you please fix this?

I am using an iPhone 8 Plus Model MRT72CH/A with ios 12.2(16E227) and Hooktheory II V1.0.4


Same here!! Looking for solutions…

Hi @OuGe and @Sixixx
sorry this is happening. I just tried on a phone here that was updated to 12.2 and didn’t see the issue (though it was an iPhone X). I’m guessing Apple may have changed something that broke things. To help reproduce can you help me understand better what you are seeing? Do none of the videos work or some of them? What do they look like (i.e blank, they play but no audio, etc.). Have you tried rebooting your phone?
Is this only happening on Hooktheory II?

Also, if you email support, I can set you up with the web version while we work on solving this.


@dave Hiii Dave thanks for the timely response. I am up to the second chapter and love the app so far… can’t wait to continue with it…
So the problem happened with me around chapter 1.4. It was fine during 1.3, and I probably skipped through a couple videos without them popping out. And when I got to 1.4, the video does not pop out when I scroll down and when I click on the play button it was not popping out either and no reaction… I tied restating my phone a couple time as well as deleting and downloading the app again but they all failed…

I’ve had a similar problem - on my phone (Pixel with Chrome) I’m stuck on a certain page in the app that has a lot of videos and it locks up the browser whenever I try to load the app. I can’t access the nav or anything to change to a different page. I’ve gotten around it by using an Incognito tab (Lastpass makes the every-time auth tenable).

I’ll look later to get the exact chapter and could try to capture some info in the dev tools inspector if it helps.

@perpetual_monday interesting thanks for the report. This might be different than what the others are reporting given that you are on a pixel using the web version? and they are on ios using a native app, but perhaps the underlying cause if related.