Videos not working


Any idea why the videos may not be working on my laptop for Hooktheory I? I have a modern high-spec laptop and don’t have this issue on other sites.

Thanks very much!

Hi @Daveac555,
Strange. My guess is this has nothing to do with the speed of your computer or its internet connection. Maybe the browser you are using doesn’t support the video format? What OS and browser are you on? Can you try a different browser like Chrome?


Yep, my mistake. I have to Right click and choose play rather than left click the button, but that’s not important. It works fine and I am on Chapter 3 already and really feeling like I am learning a lot. So thanks!

Hi, I’m using the iOS app version of Hooktheory and the sound on the video isn’t playing anymore. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it, I’ve tried toggling be he speaker/mute button in the top right corner and I’ve also tried to make sure the sound was on in the phone’s settings. What can I do to fix the issue?
Thanks in advance!

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Same problem as @asthoma3 the videos play but there is no sound - just downloaded the app today, iOS 11 on an iPhone X.

Hmm. Apple’s moved things around so depending on the version of the phone and version of iOS it can be different, but there are 2 settings for volume. One is supposedly just for the “ringer” the other is for normal sound. We find that videos often don’t play sound if the “ringer” volume is off/muted even if phone’s normal volume is turned on. I’m looking at the “Sound and Haptics” settings (iOS 11, iPhone X) and there is a separate volume called “Ringer and Alerts”. Can you make sure this is turned up? This is different from the “other” volume control in the control center.

It might be having a codec problem or the hardware acceleration problem due to which it is not working. Try to get it fixed with the help of hp support assistant after visiting it.