Very weird chords, unsure how to notate

I’m trying to transcribe the song Color Pulse from Splatoon 2 right now. Since I started editing the existing tab for the intro, I figured I’d add the chorus as well. After closely examining the chorus and isolating the audio the best I can, I’ve made a MIDI transcription of the background chords and bassline.

The way the voices move here is very different from what I’d expected this song to do, and it doesn’t seem to follow traditional theory. Despite this, I’ve made an attempt to transcribe it as a theory tab, but it’s very complicated and difficult to read. It’s really just an approximation of what the voices are doing.

I considered that a more effective way to transcribe this to Theory Tab may be to only let the bassline determine the chords, and to just write the three chord voices as the melody. I’ve made a draft of what this would look like, but I can only include the top voice since I don’t have the full version of Hookpad.

So, between the two drafts I’ve made, which one is the more ideal way to notate this song on Theory Tab? Or should I try something totally different, or just abandon the song all together?

Probably the first one with lots of chord changes (my opinion)

Transfer it and I’ll try to fix the chords

Thanks. Can you also fix the dead YouTube link on the intro to this song? You can use the reupload that I linked in my first post.

I already fixed it quite a while ago

Oh, sorry I missed that. I’ll go ahead and submit the chorus then.