Various Request

well … I am a new user of of this aweasome platform…
I am very impressed and happy with some results, but think it needs some serious improvements, so I decide to make a must have list that will gonna blow this app for better.

  1. Tonality Change: this is a must have one, somethimes one want to make a change of tonality rather than use al a borrow chords or borrow a new section, that difficults reading of the parts.
  2. Editor of band section and patterns of the band, (this will be a rock one) more like a stand alone platform that something you can download rather than use on a daw, is well to download some things but are very generic experience with the result of the parts and beats and never one can edit patterns or is just on generic patterns, at this moment is cool like a chart for chords reading rather than a true partiture option.
  3. audio to midi record: I think the writing section is not very friendly for some things, it can be improved a lot, as well to allow to record an audio idea and let the software put the midi on the audio.
  4. part editor: this one is a must have, is not so cool to download part and just been like a generic part of all the patterns
  5. Inversions on 9, 11, 13 chords… for true composers is a need one, if you consider your clients as professional composers or potential ones.
    7.extended view or capacity to be expanded piano roll for making melodies: maybe one just want to write for instruments and this does not allow to see al the range of the piano, this is so crucial for making all kinds of music, and to write for other instruments.