Various interface requests

Mirrored from Facebook:

  • Rest notes should be displayed in the suitable octave, so that they don’t occupy otherwise empty octaves (as in;
  • Arrow up and down keys should not affect rest notes or rest chords;
  • Delete key should remove the note or chord after the cursor, not the one before it;
  • Arrow left and right keys should be able to move between the 1st degree chord and the 7th degree chord;
  • Comma and period keys should also transpose the current note entered, in the same way arrow up and down keys move the note by an octave when held down;
  • Where is the list of all keyboard shortcuts after the manual got revamped?

And here is a new one:
Please recognize the third inversion of the add9 chord as a specific voicing of the eleventh chord.

EDIT: I saw that some of these requests have been implemented. Very nice!


Thanks for the suggestions. The keyboard shortcut suggestions, in particular, make a lot of sense and should be easy to implement. I’ll look into how much work it would be to add some intelligence to where the rests go.


Even more suggestions that I have come up with:

  • The ability to directly type the tempo, best with 2 decimal places, after which the end marker of the YouTube synchronization automatically adjusts to fit the tempo;
  • Ability to copy and paste between Theorytabs, or import/export sections of Theorytabs
  • New section names “Theme”, “Exposition”, “Recapitulation”, and so on; a lot of music do not follow the fixed ordering of section names that Hooktheory provides
  • A specialized page for displaying two Theorytabs side by side for comparative analysis
  • Numbering bars, best with slightly enlarged numerals on 1st and 5th measure of each row
  • Hiding “/I” or “/i” in applied chords if the root of that chord is diatonic in the current mode
  • Ability to reverse the direction of iterating through chord options by holding the Shift key with “i”, “e” or “o” simultaneously
  • Some genres are missing, most apparently “Metal”
  • "New sections names “Theme”, “Exposition”, “Recapitulation”.
    Excuse the ignorance, but wouldn’t analyzing fugues be rather counter-productive? Seeing as how hooktheory is meant for more contemporary songs

  • “Hiding “/I” or “/i” in applied chords if the root of that chord is diatonic in the current mode”
    On top of that include a common chord option so we can indicate modulations.

  • "Ability to reverse the direction of iterating through chord options by holding the Shift key with “i”, “e” or “o”

Why those 3 letters in particular? Sounds kinda troublesome, you’d have to stretch your hand everytime to type “e” when the other two letters are right next to each other (assuming its a standard qwerty layout)

– “Delete key should remove the note or chord after the cursor, not the one before it”
Gonna have to disagree with you on this one, already used to it. Besides the delete and backspace key are both the same, it’d make sense to delete the note before when you backspace it.

  • Some genres are missing, most apparently “Metal”

There’s lots of genres missing, think it’d be better if the team just enabled us to add search tags and edit metadata, that’d make search results so much more streamlined.

Also more suggestions:

  • Additional option to show chords in SATB form so you can adjust voicing and playing
  • Option to include more extensions
  • Users being able to delete their own submissions if duplicates exist
  • Being able to work on multiple song sections from a new project
  • MIDI compatability (Being able to import or input MIDI directly into the editor)

and what Hertz said in the previous post:

  • Modifying Theorytab titles
  • Renaming artists for individual Theorytabs or all of them under the
    same mistyped artist
  • Changing the section names of Theorytabs within songs
  • Modifying the time signature of Theorytabs (though this is not really
    possible without at the same time changing the content)
  • Deleting or merging Theorytabs

@CDPP, thanks for your feedback! We’re pushing an update to the software soon and will definitely incorporate some of these ideas.

Can you clarify what you mean by “more extensions”?

The idea is “i”, “e”, “o” still refer to the hotkeys used right now; it is up to the Hooktheory staff to decide if other hotkeys are more accessible to the fingers while still being related to the types of chord options.

Both section names and genres can (and ought to) be string metadata in the same vein as title and artist; however this requires one step further to allow sections to be arranged in any given order according to their appearances in the song so that sections do not just show up, for instance, in alphabetical order.

The Del key and Backspace key are not supposed to be the same, hence the Del key is also known as the Forward Delete key. Removing the note / chord after the cursor, instead of before the cursor, is consistent with the Del key’s behaviour in a vast majority of text editors.

Ah, that makes sense. Always assumed the function was binded to both keys to accommodate for different keyboards.

Also @Ryan, can we get an estimate on the next major update?

Surely certain features such as search tagging, metadata info and deleting/renaming options are easy enough to be implemented with a minor update?

EDIT: Also just a thought, would it be better to sticky this thread; making this the official feedback thread? Figured it might be easier for you guys to read through the suggestions if it’s all under one post.