Using Hookpad for rap beat samples?

As using samples are the fundamental element in certain rap genres, especially boom-bap, I was thinking that I could create my own samples with Hookpad, without any concerns of legal issues and with complete freedom to decide the arrangement, key, melodies, chord progressions, etc… Then I could export the samples and chop them and add some other elements in an external DAW.

I’m thinking of the following questions:

  • Do I need the subscription for this kind of usage or can I use the free license? Of course, the subscription has the WAV export available but with the free license, I could record the sample straight into the DAW.
  • Does the Hookpad subscription allow this kind of usage, especially if the rap beats made out of Hookpad samples are sold and used in a real song?

not sure you can use the samples to create your new samples – but this: