Using AI MIDI melody

Hi! I recently saw a video in which a song was created in Hookpad, then the melody was converted to AI vocals and reinstated as the melody in Hookpad. I took out my lead melody (which was carried by lead guitar), converted it in ACE studios, and have tried to graft it back onto the song with no success. Any advice?


when you imported the .mid (MIDI) file what error were you getting?

I’m not getting an error. It just pastes the original guitar melody back over the composition.

ah, ok. so you have melodies already in place and importing the MIDI overwrites it. one thing i’ve done is create a new project (in another tab) and import, then copy and paste the imported melodies ones into another voice on the existing measures.

for the import, you can set the target voice. place the cursor into the melofy lines, then select the voice (an unused one typically). then import.