URL Links for exercises

Hello would it be possible to create a URL link for each assignments so students can have an easier time getting to that assignments? Especially for connecting it to google classroom

@MrThakur, thank you for this great suggestion. I just pushed this feature to production.


  1. Go to “My Exercies” in the user menu
  2. Click any item in “Assigned Exercises” to open the detail view of that assignment.
  3. The URL is at the bottom of the assignment detail modal, as shown below. Copy this URL into any of your other digital course materials.
  4. When a student clicks this URL, it directs them to their “My Assignments” page and automatically opens the assignment. I still have a couple issues to work out, namely:
    1. it only works if the student is already logged in
    2. it only works if the student has not already submitted the assignment.

I’m working on fixing both known issues but wanted to get this out since it already has a lot of useful functionality.