Upgrade notification confuses

I was asked to “hard refresh” to upgrade, and the upgrade was mentioned as v2.8. I tried a few things (har-refresh on ipad safari isn’t simple or clear) and finally I realised that version 2.25 is newer than 2.8.

I see that a few others have gotten confused, I suggest you add both what version people have cached and the new version on offer.

And maybe skip the 2.8 talk, as that was released over a year before I started here, so I assume that message isn’t relevant?

(I also wonder why you can’t push this from server side, I’m rarely asked to hard refresh web apps, but that’s a conversation for another day)

2,25.3 is the latest version

Thank you, yes you’re right this is pretty confusing.

Regarding the hard reset, we could consider getting rid of this. Hookpad is a PWA which means that all the application data is cached in a way that allows you to use Hookpad completely offline. We could consider making this an option rather than the default. The downside of this is that you have to manually tell Hookpad, using the hard reset, if you want a new version of it recached.