Update the Artists Page and How It Functions

I was wondering if you ever plan on updating the artists page?

I was thinking that you could make it more interesting by giving the artist an average of all of the chord and melody metrics from their songs. You could also give the artist a score based on how much their tabs are trending (Gets closer to 1 with views and with new tabs posted). Maybe you could also filter through their songs by complexity or genre.

I was also wondering if you ever plan to add the ability to enter more artists/featured artists so that it shows up on both of their pages. If you do this then on an artists page you could also list the artists they work with.

I will try to create a graphic some other time to visually show what I mean.


Edit: I was also hoping that we could add data like the album each song is from so that you can also filter by album on their page.
@Ryan @chris @dave

I 100% want all of this and have for a long time. Are you a programmer? Want to help build it with us?

I only know the bare minimum of C++ so I definitely couldn’t help, but out of curiosity, what code language does the website/Hookpad use?

Other than the Hookpad Player, the tab DB is old school; PHP talking directly to MySQL. Bootstrap and custom CSS for the page layout. Some custom JS. If we were to redo this, we would likely modernize the whole thing into a JS front end, similar to Hookpad. We’d probably go with React and Redux since that is what we use for Hookpad and its so ubiquitous and well-supported.

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You should still consider doing this. It would be worth it in the long run.

Want to help? Always looking for motivated developers that are familiar with Hooktheory and have a vision for improving it.