Update + Song Add Requests

I am sure there are PLENTY of update requests and updates being worked on / an existing update pipeline exists, but if its worth noting / asking:

  1. Can you somehow make the window where the song’s notes and chords etc (colored section) is shown, editable in terms of window size, independent of the other tables/panes/tabs? If I could resize that section by dragging the corner or top/bottom/sides it would be amazing to make it as wide as my screen at the very least. Right now you can zoom in on it to make the window’s size bigger relative to your screen, but you cannot actually resize the window itself to look at more of the song when you have so much open space on your screen that you could fill it with.

  2. Can you add “Circling the Drain” by Microwave?


if you use the zoom controls (upper right side on my browser) you can size the note and chord section independent of the browser zoom:

then maximise the browser and set to full screen. then i use “CTRL+ Mouse Wheel” to quick zoom in and out when needed. depending on the device you’re using, the ability to zoom and how you do it may vary.