Update on App development for iOS/Android

What is the current status on making Theorytab an app? Last discussion was about the difficulties changing it from flash to an touch- able programming language

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They’re working on migrating Theorytab to HTML5, but I haven’t seen much progress lately.

So, because of HTML5, you’ll be able to use Hookpad and Theorytab in your mobile browser.

The TheoryTab player was migrated to HTML5 in September 2018. The one piece we are missing is making it possible to contribute new Tabs or edit Tabs using the new non-Flash code. That is on our roadmap.

If folks have bought the books, how do they get the app version of those books?

That was not my question. I asked if there are still plans making it an actual APP instead of A browser- based html web- application. An app, for mobile devices. Not used with an browser. Just an app. It’s the only reason i am not willing to pay monthly because i want to use the features you provide on a touch- able surface, not with mouse and keyboard. You are providing us with features nowhere else to be found,it would be a shame not to expand to google PlayStore and apple store, where you can also be payed monthly for your services. If you are still interested in making that next step, let me know- i am willing to help and gifting my time to you

Development for the web version is super slow as it is. It would take a horrendous amount of time to port Hookpad and Theorytab to iOS/Android and make it compatible and updated with the web version.

Sounds like I did misunderstand your question. When you ask this:

Do you mean make Hookpad (Hooktheory’s chord + melody creation software) an app? Or you do you mean TheoryTab (the browsable library of song analyses)?

I’ll try to give you a better answer once I know exactly what you are after.

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Of course it would take time, but it’s worth it. Because this is where the most people nowadays will use such Handy songwriting tools. Everything is shifting towards the mobile market

Yes, that’s what I meant.
Sorry for my poor communication, I mistook one for the other- I meant Hookpad (chord&melody creation software)

I agree, my experience using an android tab 3 is poor. Desktop in Win 10 is smooth. Would be helpful to be able to run the software on disk or within a tablet. Love the product.

Even trying to use hookpad with a surface Pro touchscreen is infuriating!

I’d very much like to see a tablet version of hookpad! So we can compose while mobile or just lying on the couch.

I ll love to see that updated android app version of Hookpad app with new facilities & options.