Unstable Tempo - Fast and Slow

After Copy & Paste Notes and Chords to other sections. Tempo becomes unstable. It will be Fast and Slow. Very discouraging!

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Same here, but only sometimes.
There is also often loud volume jumps and playback will be doubled out of sync.

Can you guys confirm if this is happening during playback?

If playback is for just listening, I never ran into these problems. But since the app is intended for dynamic (on-the-fly) editing and online, I think the muliple commands jammed the traffic, causing the output to be unstable. Especially the heavy selection, like Band, Loop, or Copy/Paste of several bars with notes and chords tracks.

Please note that Hookpad does not use “Enter” or “Refresh” to confirm. This is more convenient and faster but if all happens at once, the app loses hierarchy and control. PS: I am comparing with similar write and edit MIDI in the stand-alone Roland’s Sonar Light program.