Unstable rendering

I am very interested in your software and could probably buy it. But When I play very simple stuff, a few chords and a few added notes, with electro pop preset for example, it is most unstable. At the beginnning, everything is nice, and then, there is much “stuttering”. Sound will go on and off, as if a simple piece was already too much hassle for the browser. If I add notes while playing, sometimes, the sound disappears altogether . The core of the software seems to be solid but how come it feels so fragile, uneven, in the rendering of the stuff. I’ve done a series of test, theses bugs are stable and happen as soon as the littles pieces I try get a bit more complex than a few chords and a few notes.

I am on Chrome, Macpro (quite a good one) with enough memory etc. But same bugs when on Firefox.
Does your software need a specific sound card or something ?

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This is very true. I have the same problem, and am always struggling with the interface because it seems so unstable. It’s very frequently the case that buttons will simply stop working - the insert mode often doesn’t do what it ought to for instance - and I just got tired of how fragile it all seems. I was a subscriber and would love to keep using it - I’d pay even more for it if the interface were just improved. As it is I can’t justify even the small expense for such a broken (but brilliant in concept) piece of software.

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I am glad to see these posts, as I am having the same problems as of late. Sound is fine at first then gets all jittery and scratchy. I thought it might be my computer, etc… but everything else seems to be working fine. Hopefully they will fix the problem, or I will just cancel my subscription as I find it very annoying to work around.

I’m guessing they’re running up against the limitations of the Web Audio API? Seems like Hookpad would work a lot better as an Electron app or something, that you could install rather than doing everything through a browser.