Unable to open saved projects

I am unable to open my projects on my desktop or my phone. It is stuck on the loading screen with the message getting song data (if you click open in new window) or the blue loading button on the actual import/open project menu. I am on M1 Mac and have tried both chrome and safari, and just safari on my phone running IOS. I haven’t seen any new posts since the last patch/update with people still having this issue. Thanks!

Same here. It seems to only have occured after 2.22.3, and only seems to occur in the projects I have that feature drums. I’m not sure if it’s correlated at all, but those are my observations. Using Firefox 91, issue occurs on Chromium 102 as well.

We’re sorry for the errors, we had a problem concerning the pickup rhythms of some drums. If you refresh your Hookpad it should work now.

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When I try to open a project I get the message.
“there was an error loading the file you chose”.

It’s working on my laptop now, thank you! Still having issues on iOS but that wasn’t nearly as crushing. So fast :smiley: