Unable to open saved files

Hello Hooktheory support,

When I go to open a saved project, my screen turns white and I am unable to access any files. Is there a way I can regain access to these files or stop this issue from occurring? Thanks!

This might have been a connection issue. Has it gone away? (You can use Hookpad without an internet connection and wouldn’t know you had lost it until you tried to save your work).

If not, is this happening from the file-open menu in Hookpad or when you are on another page of the website and going to the page that lists your projects: https://www.hooktheory.com/hookpad/my

If it’s happening from within Hookpad can you try it the other way? I want to see if it is related to hookpad or something more general. I can see your songs from our debug dashboard so they are still in our system.