Unable to open from disk

I am unable to perform the open from disk function when I choose a json file that I have previously saved to disk.

I get the following message: There was an error loading the file you chose.

I can save to disk and open from disk with the current version of hookpad but it is not allowing me to bring back an older version.

I am using the latest version 2.22.7 on windows pc.

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I have now tried to load from Disk on version 2.23.0 but get the same error message.
unable to load screen shot

Sorry about this, would you mind sending the file to support (at) hooktheory, we can take a look and try to figure it out.

I am having the same issue, all files saved to disk will not open. Haven’t seen this in the past.

Thank you,
Kevin Harris

I sent three json files to hookpad support to see if they can help out. I hope so because I have saved many file to disk thinking that I could get them back when needed.
best wishes
John B

I have the same problem, is there any link to an older version of hookpad, if that is possible?

Hi all, this issue should be fixed in v2.24.2, live now

Yep, it’s fixed! Thank you!

Yes It is fixed. I am able to open old archived json files from my disk now.
thank you tech support
John B