Type of chord progression

I’m very curios about this type of chord progression. From 0:52 to 1:08.

Madeon Imperium

Sorry i don’t know how to put the soundcloud player.

From the melody i think it’s in F minor but i really can’t figure it out the chord. The bass sound like it goes down to me, maybe from from F to Db. It’s 2 days that i’m trying.

I think something similiar it’s here from 1:30

Revolution Audien


Madeon - Imperium:
F Minor: VI7 - iv - I - i - IV6 - VI7 - III - iv7
Revolution (Audien Remix):
G Minor: VI7 - VII - i7 - iv - VI7 - VII - i7

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Thanks! So there are lot of seventh in these progression. As soon as i get home i try them on the piano and maybe adding them to the database when i get them sounding like the real ones.

About Soundcloud i mean like desdel did here

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@HertzDevil I did my best, i can’t hear the i - IV6


Could someone help with this one from 1:04 thanks

it’s in Db

That’d be I - bVII - IV, or, with an applied chord, I - IV/IV - IV. (Db Cb Gb)

pretty sure IV(add9)/IV

@jtullis @HertzDevil thank you. I’ll try to get the melody and add it into the database.