Two separate Theorytabs w/ same exact song name and artist name

For the song “Chandelier” by Sia there are two separate songs with the same exact artist name and song name. The only difference is a hyphen at the end of one of the two URLs. Is it possible for you to combine these? One section is the Verse+Pre-Chorus and the other is the Chorus. Only the Verse+Prechorus section is available from search and listed under the artist page. The section with the Chorus is only accesible by remembering to add the hyphen in the URL or when it is the theorytab of the day it is the chorus. When you search on Google “Chandelier Sia chords and melody” both options are listed but they are two seperate pages.

Also, does the one with the chorus have a space at the end and that is why there is a hyphen? If you can rename the chorus and remove the space that might fix it.

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@DSchwachhofer please delete this one:
Chandelier - Chorus

That way I can fix this. I can reupload this right away once it is fixed so that both sections appear.

Ok, I renamed the version with the Hyphen in the url to and after saving those changes both song parts got combined into one page. Sorry it took so long.