Two issues about 2.11.0 and YouTube support

  • I would like that the Submit button in Hookpad 2 bring up a new tab / window rather than exiting the current editor session. Currently it does that even when Ctrl-clicking the Submit button.
  • YouTube-related actions (adding a video, moving the sync markers) should be individually undoable. Currently they appear to be treated as editor states rather than song states, so they are always attached to the previous editor action, and if the most recent action affects the video, it is lost after an undo (the cursor position, for example, is also an editor state that behaves like this).

Thank you for the suggestions, @HertzDevil.

Fixed in 2.11.2, released a few min ago.

I will work on item 2 soon.

Also, I pushed the changes to to use HP2 for all contributions / edits to the Song Database.

That was quick!

Some more UX changes I’d like to see, this time related to editing existing Theorytabs in the database:

  • Right now it is possible to undo immediately after loading an analysis, which would erase the entire tab. This shouldn’t be allowed.
  • Pressing S while editing a public Theorytab should bring up the “Publish My Edits” dialog rather than the save dialog.
  • “Copy Into Hookpad” no longer works, but the same can be achieved by simply editing an analysis and saving it under a new name. Something could be done about that.
  • EDIT: The editor should display the title of the current analysis (possibly the artist and the section too) instead of “Untitled”.

Thank you, @HertzDevil. Again, good suggestions.

Fixed. Right now its copying in everything, including the YouTube sync.

Fixed in 2.11.3

I’m not able to reproduce. Are you saying you click “edit from this revision” or “edit” in the theorytab area and immediately after the project and YouTube load, you can click “undo” and everything gets deleted?

It seems you need to perform at least one action on a public tab first; after that, undoing your first action would erase everything, whereas this isn’t the case when a draft is loaded.

Fixed in 2.11.4

Fixed in 2.11.4

Thank you for the bug reports!

Fixed in 2.11.6. Thank you for the bug reports, @HertzDevil!

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On 2.11.10, undoing the first action still removes the YouTube video (the tab data is kept intact).

@HertzDevil, fixed in 2.12.0, released a couple min ago. @Ryan is still finalizing the release notes.