When I use Notion, it is easy to create triplets in common time, but when I try to highlight three notes in Hookpad, the triplet button remains greyed out. Now when this happens to me, I usually assume there is something I either don’t know how to use, or don’t understand. Without wanting to make any assumptions, could someone please explain what I need to do to achieve what I can in Notion. (PS: I’ve tried transferring a Hookpad MIDI file into Notion, but it is really screwed up and not worth the effort :slight_smile:
Any help or advice, much appreciated.


PS: Marr was my grandfather’s name … a BBC composer and Arranger of the 1930/40s. Hookpad has allowed me to walk a little way in his shoes, and it has been a great experience. Thanks a million!

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Hey Andy,

so the way it currently works is to select either a quarter or a half note and then press the “Make Triplet” button. This will divide the selected note into three triplet notes which you can reassign to another pitch afterwards.


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Wow! Absolutely brilliant, easy peasy … many thanks!