Trying to cut a note and it plays without cutting

I often run into a frustrating problem of trying to ‘jazz up’ my compositions by cutting a note only to find it plays the note without cutting. Then, when I try deleting the note and trying to insert two notes I usually mess up the whole line of eight measures.

I really appreciate all your hard work and even though few people listen to my compositions - including my family - I enjoy the ‘puzzle’ (of writing melodies.) Cheers!

Hi @Marr,

Are you doing this?


If this is happening, you may be in the “text” entry mode. Go to Preferences and make sure you are in “table” entry mode.


From the Hookpad User Guide,

By default, notes will overwrite existing notes rather than shifting those notes over. This is referred to as Table mode. You can switch the entry mode to behave more like a word processor by clicking the button in the upper write hand corner. This will switch the mode to “Text” entry mode. In this mode, notes shift over to make room for new ones. In table mode, the cursor can be placed anywhere and there can be gaps between neighboring notes. In “text” mode, gaps can’t exist (because notes shift over to fill empty space just as words to do in a text editor). Switching to Text mode will fill any gaps in your music with rests to preserve the current rhythmic spacing.