Trying to connect

I keep refreshing my browser and I know my internet connection is good, since it works on every other website and I haven’t had a problem with it anywhere else, but I still get the same “trying to connect” message on my top right corner. I have tried closing and opening the website on another browser quite a few times already, and I have also closed every window where I had Hooktheory opened yet it still appears that I’m offline. I am hoping to figure out that there might be a simple fix that I just haven’t tried yet, but before that I wanted to ask for help.


Same to me! (May 23)

Are you using Firefox? This same problem started happening to me as well sometime between mid-April and the beginning of May, but only in that browser. I hate Chrome and the other Chromium-based browsers, but right now they’re the only option…

Scratch that. I’m getting that same error in Chrome now.

There are a few possible issues that could be causing this. We’ve seen that some ad blockers can accidentally block the ping our server is doing to detect you have a valid connection because they erroneously think it is us trying to connect to an ad server. If you have one of those installed you might try whitelisting hookpad (we don’t have any ads).

The other possibility is you are behind a network of a school or company with a firewall that is filtering that connection check.

Regardless of the cause, this connection check can also be disabled. If you click on the icon in the upper right corner that shows up when the connection is broken it will bring up a little window explaining thigns and you can choose to override/ignore the connection check by clicking “Enable these features anyway!”

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That worked for me! Thanks so much!