Trying to apply video from lyric to music

Trying to apply the video lesson on “going from lyrics to music” and it doesn’t do what the video says it is supposed to. Specifically. It is only giving 8th notes and quarter notes and when I try to make a longer note, it records a bunch of 8ths. Also, why do the videos show the lyrics on top of the music as in Hookpad version 1, but in Hookpad plus, the lyrics are on the side in the box. I like the lyrics on the top and wonder if there is a way to get that instead of in the box?

OK, first off, it’s a good idea to always separate syllables by placing a dash in between them, or a space if it’s between words. This helps with correctly aligning the lyrics with the melody.

Second, the version of Hookpad Plus you’re talking about is actually due to Hookpad 2. The video is outdated; it shows off Hookpad 1.

AFAIK there’s no way to get the lyrics on top in Hookpad 2 unless you downgrade to Hookpad 1 by clicking your profile picture while on the main Hooktheory page or on any Theorytab page, then clicking “My Theorytab Drafts”, and creating a new tab. This will let you use the flash-based Hookpad 1, with the top-box lyrics.

However, I feel like the HP2 side-box lyrics makes it easier to just copy/paste a large amount of lyrics into Hookpad and only have to worry about the syllable division, rather than having to copy/paste multiple times for multiple lines because the lyrics overshoot the melody in the line you’re working on.

Additionally, Hookpad 2 has quite a few more features and considerably less lag compared to Hookpad 1. The only reason you should be using Hookpad 1 at this point is to contribute to the Theorytab database, but even that is slowly being converted over to Hookpad 2.

Thank you for your help. I have gotten used to the hookpad plus lyrics format tho I liked the other better. I guess I should have separated this thread as my other other issue was using the record feature to get a basic rhythm based on the lyrics as demo’d in the video. Do you know what I’m referring to?

Sorry, don’t know about the MIDI recording things, never used them. Good to know that I helped with your lyrics issue.

@bigyihsuan, you rock. Thank you for all of the thoughtful work you do for Hooktheory and the community.