Troubleshooting the Trend Map

Hi. I am new here and excited by what I see. As things pop up that seem buggy, I’m reporting them here to be addressed.

The first key I explored in the “Trends” function of the applet was A flat. The first song on that list was “Be Like That” by Three Doors Down. When I played the youtube clip back to back with the midi piano track, it sounded like the youtube version of the song was in G, not A flat, so I went to edit the file.

I was taken to the original page, existing separate from the Trends section. Oddly enough, here on the actual song page, the song was notated in the key of G, rather than A flat. Why the discrepancy between the Trends section and the Song Page?

There seems to be an incongruence between the way a song is displayed through the Trends search function vs. what actually exists there on the page.

I wonder if, in this particular case, someone came in and edited the file after it was originally uploaded. Maybe the song was first notated in A flat and this is what was registered in the Trend database, and when the song was later updated to the correct key, the Trend section was not updated accordingly. That is assuming of course that it was in A flat to begin with…

Question to the programmers: When the key signature of a song is edited and updated, is there a live connection to the Trend database, or does that have to be updated manually?

Seeing as this was the very first video I tried, I suspect there are many other videos that have similar issues.

@EzraZebra this is another great question.

The trends page performs its search in an entirely key neutral manner. Searching in a given key transposes the chords of all the songs to that key regardless of the key that they were analyzed in.

We have the ability to transpose the midi of the song to whatever key the search is in but obviously lack the ability to do the same for the youtube video.

When you browse for songs in the TheoryTab database outside of trends it shows them in the correct key that they were originally analyzed in.

Hope that clears things up.