Troubles with exported audio files

Hi. The thing is, when I try to export MP3 or wav, there are always certain parts when some instruments stop sounding. It seems the app is not prepared to have a good performance when you make it too complicated, for example with a fast and complete song. I exported varios tracks to make a mix, and when I listened to them, there were notes and even complete chords missing. They almost never go offtime, but I’m sure I’ve heard a couple of delays due to what appears to be a crash while the file is being produced.

one thing - when you begin the export of audio - walk away and take a short break. i’ve found i get some issues if i decide to use my computer for browsing (using a wholly separate browser, not just an instance of it) or some other work which seems to interfere with the “focus” (you’ll note the message saying not to move away from the page – i think if you select something else to do while waiting – strangeness happens).

ever since i decided that audio export was break away the computer and do not touch time, my exports have been (mostly) rock solid.

Thanks. What browser are you using?

mainly - Microsoft Edge. sometimes Google Chrome. i don’t use any other browsers on my PC or phone.