Transpose band for improvising with a saxophone

Hey folks,
I’m a saxophone player and would like to use HookPad for learning.

I’m playing the tenor saxophone which is a transposed instrument (in my case C -> Bb). Is there a way to adjust the bands playback to match the keys of transposed instruments?


@PatrickB we don’t currently have this option, but this seems like a good idea.

Basically if I understand correctly you’d like to keep the letter names of the chords the same but adjust the playback down two semitones so that a “C” chord sounds like a Bb chord so that you could play along.

@Ryan Yes its exactly that. I suppose this feature would be helpful for players of other transposed instruments too! :slight_smile:

@PatrickB we’ve added this feature to Hookpad and it will be a part of version 2.20.0 which we hope to have up shortly.

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This is great news, thank you very much for this quick update. As a software developer myself I appreciate this a lot! :slight_smile: