Total music newbie

Hi - so I am a middle aged man who likes music (various things like Joy Division, Mudhoney, The Fall, Radiohead, Moby), but I’ve never played an instrument in my life and know nothing about music theory. Found this website because my son (7) has started learning the drums and I thought I should do some reasearch, maybe I can help him with stuff. So I did a little bit of reasearch on chords and progressions and then put this super-simple little thing together ( At least to my ears it sounds not too bad for a start - it’s pretty slow (maybe my son can drum to it), but I can’t find anything super wrong with it either (other than of course being super simple, boring, and all around blah… :smile:

Feedback anyone?

I’d be glad to give you some feedback. Right now, your song sounds very nice and you should be proud. I have two main comments:

  1. All of your chords use the exact same voicing. Now this isn’t a bad thing, however, if you want to try to make your piece a bit more interesting, while maintaining it’s integrity, try inverting a chord here or there. Or maybe try to add a 7 to it. Or both. Maybe use a V of here or there.

  2. It sounds formulaic. While nice sounding, you use a lot of patterns which one can almost see in the piece, as it goes up and down. Try to change it up a bit, here and there. Just let your inspiration flow.

Helvetica - thank you very much for your kind words and comments (a little late, as I was on vacation)!