"top 10 songs/artists that are the most lacking in the database"

Every time I submit a Theorytab, this message shows up:

Your project has been transferred to the database. Thanks for the contribution! If you’re up for more transcribing, here are the top 10 songs/artists that are the most lacking in the database.

  1. deadmau5
  2. rihanna
  3. radiohead
  4. david
  5. katy perry

Is this supposed to be real if there are always only these 5 lowercase artists instead of 10 songs/artists? Seems like a placeholder text or some feature scrapped years ago.


We wrote an algorithm that looked at actual searches for theorytabs on our website and correlated it with the number of actual returned results for these searches to make suggestions (i.e. if something gets typed in a ton but doesn’t return a lot of songs than the algorithm thinks this is something that the database lacks). This was done years ago and it’s clear the weightings for the formula it’s using is way off since those artists have plenty of hits returned now. We may just remove it until we can come up with something better.

Thanks for letting us know.


@HertzDevil Thanks for pointing this out. I just removed this feature. If/when we come up with something that is better we will put it back. Cheers.