Tonic/sub/dominant prolongation


Just wondering if it would at all be possible to add a feature that lies below chord progressions that show how clusters of chords are acting together with regards to tonic/sub/dom prolongation?

This YouTube video at 4 mins 50:

opened my mind up to this idea that for example, you could get:

I IV iii vi IV ii IV V vii/V V7 etc
Tonic —————-> Sub——> Dom ————>

I imagine this idea as a line/arrow underneath the chords that shows how a specific group of chords is working together.

Obviously this is easier said than done but I’ve noticed my compositions have improved greatly once I learnt this!

Also another idea I had was to somehow incorporate chord ‘ambiguity’ I.e how the function of some chords can span over two keys.

Thanks for your persistent upgrades though guys, the bass and tone sets are literally so awesome for making progressions.


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