To Hertzdevil: what is the ZUN turnaround?

I see you talking about it, especially in your newest TheoryTab’s YouTube video. could you explain it to some others?

is it the flat chord progression that then treturns o normal, or something else?

Also interested in this. Your tabs have been a tremendous help for me, Hertzdevil. :smile:

Copied from my reply to bigyihsuan on a video…


i > ♯iii >♭ii > V is the zun turnaround

I have seen the V sometimes be ♭v or iv instead, but the first three chords are generally all the same

it can either just use those chords or actually have a small modulation to each of those keys

in the context of a minor it would be: 
a > c♯ > b♭> E

prominent examples of its usage are this song (obviously), reisen’s theme, alice’s theme, and iku’s theme.

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