Timezone issues

  • The project list doesn’t take the user’s local timezone into account. It is UTC+8 here, and these projects were updated just minutes ago, so they should display 22: something instead.
  • Analysis edits and analysis creations don’t seem to follow the same timezone, with creations lagging a few hours behind edits. This affects the “Recently Added” panel.
  • If I create a band template and then refresh the editor page, the last modified date for that template immediately becomes 15 hours ago. (Actually this also happens to projects saved in HP1.)

It is honestly mind blowing that you happened to post this when you did. I’ve been building in support for locales with our API and within Hookpad and some other Hooktheory services the past 24 hours. Hookpad File->Open is fixed as of 2.12.7 release.

Other two items not fixed but will be.


Fixed. (Didn’t require new build - fixed by updating the API)


Yeah, its a bummer. We have the date_modified of songs stored as VARCHAR instead of TIMESTAMP because we did this in 2010 when we didn’t know what we were doing and still haven’t fixed it.

The “creation” is using www.xxx which has PHP timezone of Los_Angeles; the API has PHP timezone of UTC. So I updated the www code to write UTC timestrings to the DB. The only place this happens now is in this one specific case of “creating” a new entry in the song database.