Time Ruler / Time Display Request

I’d like to request a time ruler and/or time unit display that tells me how long a song is or where I’m at any particular point in a song. As it is, I have to use a stopwatch or import a song into my DAW - which is all a bit tedious.


Thank you for your request. It’s a good idea to display the time of the song.

Do you need a time display that shows the exact cursor position or would it be enough to display the song time inside the arrangement at let’s say every section marker and at the end of the song?



I imagined a running display, perhaps a toolbar option, that would show the time of the current playhead position or cursor position, e.g., the chorus starts at 00:01:05 or the bridge starts at 00:02:15, etc… I believe this feature is found in most DAWs but the inspiration came from Reaper. Perhaps one could have the option to display ‘Minutes:Seconds’ and/or ’ Measures:Beats’?

Thanks again!

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SMPTE time code as well given potential linkage to videos?

Hi, It’s outside of Hookpad, but here’s a website I use to calculate song lengths:

One of the next updates will add an option to display timestamps on each section marker. So if you mark your different song parts with section markers you can always see at what time a song part starts. Or you can simply create a section at the end of your song to get the time of the whole song.

The feature should be live soon. I hope it will be helpful.


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The feature was just released with the latest version of Hookpad.