There's no consistency in soundtrack title formatting

Take the music from the Super Mario Bros. series, for example. There are six ways these song titles are formatted:

  • Song - Game, by Composer (or Song Game, by Composer)
  • Song - Game, by Company (or Song- Game, by Company)
  • Song - Game, by Composer - Company
  • Song, by Game

This isn’t just a problem for that series. It also applies to some other soundtracks I’ve seen. We really need a proper way to categorize these. It’s inconvenient, and looks very messy.


Here’s my proposal:

There should be an additional “album” category. Each installment (video game, movie, TV show, etc.) will be considered a new album, so we don’t have to put the game title in each song title which looks really bad.

Some soundtracks are done by multiple people, so we’re left with a few options to approach this problem with:

  • creating a new “artist” for each group of individuals that work on a soundtrack. This would be really wonky, and we’d have too many artists. Our system wasn’t meant to do this; it was meant to handle consistent groups of people that worked together to publish music.
  • only listing one artist per installment. Not only would this would be misleading and confusing, but it would be disrespectful to all the other people that worked on the music.
  • labeling the publisher as the “composer” of the music. This is the best choice in my opinion.

I’ve suggested this before, and I agree with you that TheoryTab needs more consistency. This would only be fixed with the album field.