There should only be one default band

There are at least 3 default bands in use by Hookpad 2 right now:

  • The one loaded by the editor on every new file.
  • The “Hookpad Default” band; same as above, except the leads are at 50% volume instead of 70%. I believe the player (which is now one version beyond the editor) uses this all the time.
  • When loading very old HP1 tabs that have no band information, all tracks have 100% volume. This also happens when copying those analyses in the public database into the editor.

All these cases should produce the same default band.

Additionally I think the harmony and the bass are still too loud compared to the leads, even in the monophonic case. For reference, this is what I have always put for my analyses: (extra polyphonic tracks use 40% volume)
The internal mixing between the tracks presumably got changed at some point. In any case, I prefer having the lead 8~10 dB above all backing piano tracks.

@HertzDevil, thanks for pointing this out. We’ll adjust these to be the same values.