Theorytabs with no/broken video due to embedding restriction

Was trying to do Sting - Seven Days and loaded the link into Hookpad, but can’t attach due to the video having embeds disabled.

This led me to investigate other tabs in the database that could have this issue. Out of the “Top Songs”, 42 have “Video Unavailable”, 2 load forever, 1 has a playback error, and only 5 work. The tabs are listed below.

This may be a problem on YouTube’s end, but regardless disabled embeds prevents new tabs with those kinds of videos from being uploaded. Even worse, 42/50 of the top songs on the site have broken videos, which are the tabs more likely to be popular and more viewed.

Video Unavailable

Loads Forever

Playback Error

Works Successfully

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To note here, the tabs that work correctly are not Content ID’d by Youtube, while the ones that don’t probably have deleted videos or have been Content ID’d.

Another example: The current (6/21/20, 11:36pm EDT) tab of the day (Whiskey Lullaby) has a broken embed.

It appears that if the audio is claimed embeds get disabled.

More examples, from the “New tabs” section:

@bigyihsuan the playback error is because there actually isn’t any YouTube video at all (i have no idea how they upload it without a YouTube video)

Also Our Hisoutensoku works for me probably because I’m in Malaysia

It appears something changed somewhere and this issue got fixed, disregarding broken timings.