Theorytabs for Deletion

hello!! just recently, i have uploaded theorytabs for “A Sardine Grows From The Soil” !! however, the producer requests that their name not be used, which i learned moments after uploading it. as such, i would ask that you please delete everything in this tab!! i will reupload them under the name of “unknown” after this!

while we are at deleting theorytabs, here are two mistaken theorytabs i have uploaded in the past… apologies for the extra work!!

thank you in advance for your dutifulness and time!!

Regarding the producer’s name, what are they most known by? Because others might happen upon this site, look for that song by the producer’s name, and not find it because it’s actually “Unknown” in the database.

In addition, why would the producer care? They have it uploaded to YouTube under their own username, and analyzed on a website that not a lot of people use in the first place. Why not use the YouTube username?

The producer went off the web sometime in 2013, and requested that everything that they’ve worked no longer be shared, for some reason. Reuploading a given four songs are allowed, but without credit; The Youtube channel I have used is not their own.

I know not the reasons for it, but I would like to honor the request nonetheless.

“Anonymous” is probably more appropriate if the song comes from a known author that wishes to stay unnamed.

Understandable, however changing the artist’s name to “Unknown” will not be helpful in the future for the following reasons:

  • The database does not support the full set of printable ASCII, let alone Unicode, so you can’t search for the song’s name, or the artist’s name, in its original Japanese.
  • Having the artist be “Unknown” makes it seem the artist’s name is actually “Unknown” and not “Koronba”, leading to whoever looks for more songs by “Unknown” to artists that are not “Koronba”.