Theorytab transcripts: structure or accuracy on chords?

I think some clarification is needed on theorytab “style” when it comes to chords.

Take this recent theorytab, for example:

If we’re doing the structure of the song, I don’t think we’re supposed to use chords that way, right? Meaning, in almost all cases, the chords should make a kind of legato into the next chord change, instead of being very short with added silences just because the song has these short stab-like synth chords.

In terms of structure and mapping out the progression, the chord doesn’t “stop” just because there’s a silence in the song itself, at least in most cases it doesn’t.

I see a lot of tabs being done this way, and it sounds just plain weird on piano mode, and also looks terrible with all the tiny chords and chord names.

(I’m talking about what happens on the verse on that theorytab, too)


Yeah, in general, for analysis we’re in favor of having 1 chord per change. Obviously for people using Hookpad to write their own song, one should use whatever sounds best, but the Theorytab database is not really about making the song sound exactly like the actual recording when you play it through Hookpad’s arrangement. As you said, it’s to map out the structure of the song to reveal the underlying harmony.


Hello Dave,

IMHO that is what makes Hookpad so GREAT! We get to learn the basic structure without a copyright infringement. This has been the most enlightening experience for me so far and is surely a game changer. I am looking forward to a lifetime of learning and composing using hookpad.

Musically yours,
Stephen J. Souza