Theorytab returns 500 error [Fixed]

SimpleXMLElement::__construct(): Entity: line 11: parser error : error parsing attribute name

This happened today while I was going to submit a clean Theorytab. This is the first time I encounter this bug and I don’t know what this relates to, because all the submission fields are valid:

  • Title: Combat Mecha Xabungle - Blue Flash
  • Author: Koji Makaino
  • Section: Verse and Pre-Chorus
  • Comment: (empty)

Saving the Theorytab in another name and then submitting is no use either. Could the @Hooktheory staff please look into this?

@HertzDevil, Thanks for the bug report. Just out of curiosity, can you confirm that you’ve been able to transfer other songs into Theorytab? I.E., is just this one song giving you trouble? Based on the error, it looks like a problem parsing the XML (our internal format for stroking the music information). I’ll take a look at the XML of this particular project and see if anything is out of place.

Yes, only this Theorytab. I immediately submitted this afterwards to make sure this bug is exclusive to the Theorytab I mentioned in this post.

I had the same problem with this project earlier today:

Now, a few hours later, I tried submitting it again (after a YouTube retiming and some small changes), but as “Pre-Chorus” instead of “Pre-Chorus and Chorus”, and it works. I suspect it has to do with the long section names in some way.

Got the same error today while uploading this TheoryTab as “Intro and Verse”.

My guess is that Hooktheory stops accepting section names that contain the whitespace character (so this error probably has nothing to do with the song data itself).

Another one.

Why is this still unfixed? I really tested all the section names that contain any whitespace character:

  • Intro and Verse
  • Verse and Pre-Chorus
  • Pre-Chorus and Chorus
  • Chorus Lead-Out
  • Solo 1
  • Solo 2
  • Solo 3
  • Outro 1
  • Outro 2

I cannot submit anything using any of these section names, nor edit any existing Theorytabs for these sections. This has been reported multiple times in the comments as well:

I can reproduce this bug as well. This is still unfixed.

Sorry for letting this drop off our radar guys. Consider us reinformed.



All, this bug has been fixed. Sorry it fell through the cracks.

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By the way, does the staff have a development log? Say, the Twitter account could be used to post updates and bug fixes of Hooktheory and Hookpad to keep people informed.

I know this is like 7 years later but just to let you know it’s kinda happening to me everywhere across the website beside the main page.

Same here. Opening any projects causes hookpad to load the project indefinitely. Opening in a new window gives this error. Using Firefox 91, although the same issue occurs on chromium 101, starting today.

Same here. Getting this error all around the place, seems a sitewide problem.

  • Hookpad / Hookpad player doesn’t load my songs
  • Chordcrush doesn’t load the lessons

Yesterday everything worked fine.

I’m sorry people, it’s all my fault. I discovered this amazing website last night, opened a few too many tabs and took down the servers. Either that or it’s because I clicked on a Pokemon song, and Nintendo is out for blood.

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Sorry everybody, we pushed an update that messed something up but it should be all sorted now. Apologies for the downtime

That 500 error is still happening to me, I’m trying to submit a song but it keeps throwing up the error.

I have been trying to submit a song and this error pops up every time

I’ve tried making corrections to many tabs and when I hit “submit”, this pops up.